Who We Are

The Handlebar team is committed to making your organization better, stronger, and more sustainable. How do we do this? Deep, quality research and strategy underlie every marketing plan we set in motion. From our first meeting, everything we do is set on steering our clients in the best direction to attract and retain the right employees, customers, and partners for their organization.

What sets us apart from the other guys? We’ve sat in your seat. We’ve been the “buyer” of the exact services we now offer. Our team is unusually effective in delivering excellent marketing strategy and creative execution because of our experience as executives, marketers, and as “buyers.” We aim to be the kind of provider we wish we had when we were on the other side of the desk.

Our clients value the strategic, original, actionable, and measurable programs that can only be run with a partner firm that’s been there and knows how to shift gears mid-race.

We value agility, trust, intuition, focus, faith, fun, and that *little gap* we find that allows us to break through and sprint ahead of the pack.