Why You Need A Twitter Account

Twitter can often be a nebulous entity to those that are unfamiliar with the social media platform. So, why should you as a budding, or established, author be interested in setting up an account? It’s a lot about connections, a little bit about research, and the rest about building your brand.

The beautiful thing about Twitter, in all of its 140-character glory, is that you can use it in many ways to fulfill your needs as an author. You can use it to connect (with fans, other authors, agents, publishers), research, and to build your brand. Let’s break it down:

Connect—There are millions of Twitter users worldwide, and all it takes is a good, solid search to find folks to build your community. What does that mean? Take the time to find those who have your same interests and follow them. You can share your new Twitter username on Facebook and invite your friends to follow you on Twitter. Then, engage! Get to know those you are following, and those following you.

Research—Curious about a topic for a book or article? Float it past your followers for input. Looking for information on a particular subject? A search on Twitter will bring up a wealth of resources. Want to know what people are talking about on that same subject? A search will tell you. Twitter is flexible and so valuable when it comes to research.

Build Your Brand—Your tweets will help build your brand—the way others see you and think of you when they hear your name—with both established connections and new ones. Remember to build your brand by being less promotional, and more relational. If you spend all of your time promoting, you will lose the attention of your followers.

Now you know why you need a Twitter account, find out how to create your account.

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