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Marketing Your Book? Read This.

Suppose you decide today you would like to compete in the Tour de France. Would you just load up your $112 Target® mountain bike and head to France hoping to win the yellow jersey? Chances are good that someone would stop you and recommend extensive training and proper equipment to compete with [...]

Book Marketing Basics (Part 1) :: Who’s in Charge?

We hear this question often: “Who is responsible for marketing my book?” Many authors are shocked to learn that the answer to this question is…the author! This is true for all books, whether your book has been published by a traditional (royalty) publisher or self-published. Sure, publishing companies will help their authors, [...]

Book Marketing Basics (Part 2) :: Author Toolkit

In our previous post Book Marketing Basics (Part 1), we pointed out that the person most responsible for marketing a book is not the publishing company, but the author. Ideally, there is a partnership between the publisher and author. We noted that marketing is really discovering your target audience and then finding [...]

Book Marketing Basics (Part 3) :: Blogging

An author’s marketing strategy requires some essential tools, which we discussed in Book Marketing Basics (Part 2). In this post, we discuss the specifics on the foundation of your platform, your blog. If you are an author, or aspiring author, a website and a blog are absolutely essential to your success. However, [...]

How to Use Your Twitter Time Effectively

In our last post, we introduced you to the basics of Twitter and how using it can be a powerful tool for authors sharing content online. Today, we’ll discuss how to use the limited time you have to work on this, and other social media tools, most effectively. Following the steps below [...]

Twitter Basics

One of the challenges of using social media is its incredibly rapid evolution. How we use any given medium changes rapidly, and keeping ahead of the curve is challenging. Twitter, for example, started as a way to check in with friends and tell them what you what your were doing at any [...]

How To Increase Engagement

In our last post, we discussed the need for engagement with your readers. A great way to increase comments and engage with your readers is to think of each post as the opening of a dialogue, not a monologue. You’re not making announcements; you’re starting a conversation. One of the authors we [...]

What is the Goal of Your Facebook Page?

A few years ago, Verizon used a clever role reversal scenario in one of its popular commercials, depicting parents who were texting too much, to the disgust of their teenagers. The kids are lecturing the parents about their use of Facebook and Twitter, as the parents sit next to each other, texting, [...]