Marketing Your Book? Read This.

Suppose you decide today you would like to compete in the Tour de France. Would you just load up your $112 Target® mountain bike and head to France hoping to win the yellow jersey? Chances are good that someone would stop you and recommend extensive training and proper equipment to compete with the big boys.

Marketing a book as an author is a similar undertaking. You have to prepare, both yourself and your fans, for the day your book launches. We at Handlebar can train and equip you to build your personal brand so that you can connect with people who want to buy your books.

Authors worldwide are finding that in an increasingly noisy online world, it can be challenging to sell a book. Whether you are published by a traditional publisher or you’ve self-published your first book, the task is truly yours to sell your book. How can you do this successfully?

We have some tools that can help you cut through the chatter and get your message heard. Reading our blog posts about building your social platforms is a good place to start.

We also offer customized training—one-to-one coaching—which focuses on how you can use social media tools to build your personal brand and, ultimately, market your current book, your backlist, or future books. This customized training consists of a thorough audit of your current level of engagement on a variety of social platforms, followed by two one-hour phone consultations in which we augment your current engagement with practical tips based on years of experience in the field of social media.

We recommend this training for authors who already have some important pieces in place, including: a Facebook author page, a Twitter account, an author website with a blog, and have their book on or other online sellers (either currently, or as a pre-release). If you are interested in learning more about this custom training program, and preparing for the race ahead, please contact Keri Wyatt Kent.

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