How Do You Build A Brand?

We got the first question about branding out of the way in our earlier post “What is a Brand?” Now, we’re moving on to how do you build a brand? As I mentioned in my last post, whether you know it or not, every day you are building your brand. So, why not be intentional about how you go about that?

First, remember, your brand is the sum of all of your parts. But let’s break down those parts here:

Do you need a website? Sure.

Would having a Facebook page and Twitter account come in handy when trying to engage with your fans? Yes.

What about Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+? If that’s where your readers are, knock yourself out.

But understand this: everything you say via all channels—online, print, broadcast, in person—must be consistent to build your brand intentionally. This, friends, will help your readers feel like they truly know you.

When you—as your own brand—are clear and credible in communicating your message, your readers will hop on your train. As you engage with them in an authentic way, your readers will become loyal, and more likely to be brand ambassadors, your brand ambassadors.

Building a brand takes time, so have patience, put in the work to see your audience grow. Nothing happens overnight. But it will grow like a snowball rolling downhill in those old cartoons, as you authentically connect with your readers in a consistent and clear manner.


What Is a Brand?

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