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Marketing Your Book? Read This.

Suppose you decide today you would like to compete in the Tour de France. Would you just load up your $112 Target® mountain bike and head to France hoping to win the yellow jersey? Chances are good that someone would stop you and recommend extensive training and proper equipment to compete with [...]

How To Write A Book Review That Stands Out In The Crowd

Writing a top-notch book review – tips for reviewers  A good book review does more than simply tell the reader whether you liked the book or not. It does more than simply give a summary of the book. A good book review offers a critical perspective on the text through a knowledgeable [...]

Create A Twitter Account

So now you know the basics of Twitter, why you need a Twitter account, and even how to use your time on Twitter effectively, so you don’t fall into the giant black hole that is social media. But, do you have a Twitter account? If you don’t, we’ll walk you through how [...]

Why You Need A Twitter Account

Twitter can often be a nebulous entity to those that are unfamiliar with the social media platform. So, why should you as a budding, or established, author be interested in setting up an account? It’s a lot about connections, a little bit about research, and the rest about building your brand. The [...]

Why Do You Need A Blog?

Today’s readers expect to have access to authors in a way they never have before in history. A blog allows you to stay in front of your readers between books, to remind them of your brand. Whether you see it as such or not, your blog tells people about you and your [...]

What Is A Blog?

The word blog is a shortening of the words “web log.” Blogs have evolved from their earliest roots of being a log, or journal, on the web, to sophisticated sites. Yet essentially, they are the same. A blog is a website which you can update periodically with fresh content. Thousands of templates [...]

Why You Need An Author Website

An author website is an essential tool—in a way, your website is  you “live” online. Your site helps readers know who you are, what you write. It’s a way to establish your brand, connect with readers and tell them about your books. It’s a place for your tribe to gather—so that you [...]

Choosing The Right Kind Of Facebook Page

As an author, you want to maximize your ability to connect with people around your work. Facebook makes it easy by allowing you to create different kinds of pages to promote yourself and your books. In addition to a personal profile page, which you will need to create in order to create [...]

Why You Need A Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, with close to a billion users. And it’s all about sharing and community. That’s why there’s a lot of potential for building your own personal brand. Setting up a Facebook page is like shifting into a higher gear. It moves you along [...]

How Do You Build A Brand?

We got the first question about branding out of the way in our earlier post “What is a Brand?” Now, we’re moving on to how do you build a brand? As I mentioned in my last post, whether you know it or not, every day you are building your brand. So, why [...]

What Is A Brand?

Today, we are discussing brand and we answer the question, “What is a brand?” Next, we will tackle the question, “How do I—as an author—build a brand?” For now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of understanding better what a brand truly is. Take a moment to think of all of the corporate [...]